Installation and Usage

This script is for building a basic tile server with OpenStreetMap data.

For us only on a clean Ubuntu 20 install.

Be sure to review the “Using SSL” section below if you plan to enable SSL.


Step 1: Get script from GitHub:


Step 2: Make it executable:

$ chmod 755

Step 3 (for non-Latin alphabet)

If using a non-Latin alphabet, ucomment line 24 below if needed:

$ export LC_ALL=C

Step 4: Run the script:

$ ./  [web|ssl] [bright|carto] pbf_url


[web|ssl]: 'web' for http and 'ssl' for https
[bright|carto]: 'carto' for openstreetmap-carto or 'bright' for openstreetmap-bright
pbf_url: Complete PBF url from GeoFabrik (or other source)


Load Delaware data with openstreetmap-carto style and no SSL:

$ ./ web carto

Load Bulgaria data with openstreetmap-bright style and SSL:

$ ./ bright

Load South America data with openstreetmap-carto style and SSL:

$ ./ ssl carto

Using SSL

If you select the ssl option and wish to use LetsEncrypt, be sure to do the following:

  1. Check hostname is set properly. You can set the hostname using hostnamectl as below:

    hostnamectl set-hostname
  2. Run the script, which will provision a dummy SSL certificate.

  3. Once script completes, enable Python Certbot Apache plugin:

    apt-get -y install python3-certbot-apache
  4. Request a certificate using below:

    certbot --apache --agree-tos --email --no-eff-email -d
  5. select the option “2: Redirect - Make all requests redirect to secure HTTPS access”:

  6. Restart Apache

Welcome Page

Once installation completes, navigate to the IP or hostname of your server.

You should see a page as below:


Click on both the OpenLayer and Leaflet Examples and check your installation is rendering

Note: Zoom is automatically set on the leaflet demo application. On the OpenLayers demo application you will need to zoom to the area.

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The project is licensed under the BSD license.